Monday, May 11, 2009

Why are Jews converting to Islam?

Why are so many Jews converting to Islam? Jewish people of all ages are seeking something more from religion....something deeper and more meaningful, but they think that Judaism doesn't have anything to's an old religion full of empty ritual without depth and feeling. They see the beauty of other religions: the music, scents, exotic dress and a mystical feel. What they don't realize is is that a true closeness to G-d, the One G-d of Abraham is found right in their own "back yard." We Jews have a deep and powerful spiritual heritage just waiting to be tapped into......a wellspring of Torah, vibrant and alive, ready to burst forth once the well is opened. Open the well! Open the well!
Every aspect of Jewish life has spiritual meaning.....from the moment we get up in the morning when we thank G-d that He allowed us another day of life then washing our hands to saying our morning prayers to saying a bracha ( blessing) over everything we eat and drink to the end of the day when we lie down to sleep and we say: "SHEMA YISROEL HASHEM ELOKAINU HASHEM ECHAD." "HEAR O ISRAEL, THE L-RD OUR G-D, THE L-RD IS ONE."
If you're looking for deeper meaning to life, look to the faith of our people....look to the G-d of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and our fore mothers, Sarah, Rebeca, Rachel and Leah. Look to the Torah that G-d gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai....that will give you the spiritual nourishment for which your soul hungers. Open the well! Open the well!

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